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Attraction tickets is one of the major key ingredients required for a good travel brew. Attraction signals a place of interest for the visitor; a place that reflects the natural, historical, cultural, culinary or even industrial value of a destination with a dash of leisure, adventure, romance or amusement thrown in. Having an acronym for the website and using the unique core concept of providing entry tickets to all the exciting attractions globally, the founders launched The-Ultimate-Attraction-Tickets-Online-Store, the TUATOS. As the name itself suggests, it’s a one-stop shop for selling global attraction tickets at best possible price. Besides a large inventory, the website also features comprehensive aspects like highlights, description, customer ratings, videos and photographs about the attraction.

Even though, not completely utilized, the Global Attraction and Sightseeing Market is growing rapidly. TUATOS is created with a view to bring global attractions on a single online platform. With this venture, TUATOS aims to make travel planning more convenient, fast and easy. So, at the click of the mouse, a visitor may choose to dine at the Sky100 in Hong Kong or go bungee jumping in New Zealand! For those stoking an adventurous fire, there can be skydiving at the Palm Jumeirah or for the more stout of heart, a tour of the haunted castles of Spain! The spread of choices will be simply dazzling and the visitor will be spoilt for the choices.


The Founders


The Travel bug bit him young. The calling came as he navigated his way across the slopes of Alps - his first love. 10 years and some 15 countries later, armed with an MBA degree from NMIMS, Nishant started out in the travel world as a Marketer at Cox and Kings, a leading Travel company in India. An explorer at heart, Nishant’s favorite travel experiences include swimming with the gigantic leatherback turtles in Maldives, pub-hopping in London and trek to the Huay Tho waterfall in Krabi. His dream trip would be a road journey from Mumbai to Spain, traveling across some 14 countries with his family.



Curiosity prompted him to opt for a vocational course in Travel and Tourism in the first year of college. Little did he know that this would lay a solid foundation for his future career. As a mere interest grew into an infallible passion, Sumit knew that travel was the industry for him when he graduated. A post graduate Degree in Travel from the prestigious Garware Institute added another feather to this cap. Today with 14 years of experience under his belt and exploring 17 countries, there is nothing that Sumit would not know about the travel world. With TUATOS, Sumit endeavors to stretch the boundaries of online travel booking by offering a product that is yet untapped in the Indian market.


Why book with us?

TUATOS endeavors to be a one-stop shop for every independent traveler who has abundant online options for air tickets and hotel accommodation but almost none for buying attraction tickets. We feature more than 250 attractions across 10 cities and are growing, adding new attractions to the list every single day. We at TUATOS hope to lessen the gap between independent travelers and their preferred destinations by offering the service of pre-booking attraction tickets at lowest possible price!!
TUATOS also stands for-
T – Tickets at incredible prices with no hidden fees.
U – Ultimate web portal that focuses on selling attraction tickets.
A – Assured support and assistance to our customers.
T – Trusted 100%. It’s safe and secure
O – One stop shop for all types of attractions across the globe.
S – Simplistic user-friendly website with easy navigation.

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About us

Tuatos - “The Ultimate Attraction Tickets Online Store” which solely focuses on selling Global Attraction Tickets, Sightseeing Tours, Activities and Experiences Online at the best competitive prices. Currently, we feature

1100+ Attractions and Activities across

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17 Countries

& the list is growing every single day !!!!

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